About Us

Our History

Spanish Town High School was open in January 1967 as a Junior Secondary School under the leadership of Lebert Dennis, Principal. Since its inception, the school has been upgraded as follows:

  • In 1974 upgraded to Secondary School introducing shift system
  • In 1995 upgraded to Comprehensive High School
  • In 2000 upgraded to High School

The student population is approximately 2500.  Students gain entry to the school mainly through the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) formerly GSAT and the Grade Nine Achievement Test (GNAT).

The school`s colours are Maroon, Gold and Grey since 1995 when the school was upgraded to Comprehensive High. –“Typifying the vitalizing force of man” The school opened 1967 with students wearing yellow tunic and white blouse.  The colour changed in 1970 to khaki tunic with white blouse. When the shift system was introduced yellow / mint green blouse/shirt was worn.

The school`s crest was introduce 1995 by a past student, Errol MCGlashing when the school was upgraded to Comprehensive High. The crest represents industrial technology, vocational skills, sports and academic achievements.

The school is located at the Corner of Young and Ellis Streets, Spanish Town P.O., St. Catherine, Jamaica

Mission Statment

The mission of Spanish Town High School is to create and maintain a safe and motivating teaching – learning environment in which the staff and students will be afforded the opportunity of achieving their highest levels of potential, developing personal pride, self- worth, a sense of responsibility and commitment to self, family and country and global community at large.

Our Vision

Spanish Town High is dedicated to providing education of the highest quality which will foster worthwhile values in our students to meet the changing needs off the society and to fulfill the Education Transformational goals

Statement of Goals

Spanish Town High School attempts to fulfil its philosophy through a programme which includes the following goals:

  1. To encourage the use of resources within our local community.
  2. To recognize the individual differences of its students and teachers, and provide ways to involve and make use of those differences in a meaningful manner.
  3. To teach the fundamental skills and elements of common knowledge, the ability to think, speak and write clearly and effectively, compute accurately, and to read and listen with understanding.
  4. To provide an education that meets the national standard and prepare students for further studies and work.
  5. To stimulate the creative aspirations and develop the useful talents of all students.
  6. To enable students to practice self-discipline within the guidelines of rules established for acceptable conduct and social behaviour.
  7. To promote a lifelong commitment to education by encouraging a love of learning and providing educational facilities for students

Spanish Town High School is for children. This may seem to be stating the obvious but it is a fact which may easily be overlooked, and our whole purpose is to allow these children, your children, to develop to the full extent of their capabilities whatever these may be.

Past Principals

We thank you for your contribution to our development.

Lebert Dennis

Principal (1967-1973)

Neville Peart

Principal (1974-1977)

Conex Jarrett

Principal (1977-1990)

Mrs. Leanora Esson

Principal (1991-1995)

David Brown

Principal (1996-2001)

It is with great pleasure that I contribute these few words on this very special occasion of the Spanish
Town High School. 50 years is a decent milestone and all the players including the graduates, parents,
staff, Board members, Ministry Personnel and friends of this institution can be very proud. More so the
great batches of students who have defied the odds and are strategically and proudly positioned across
the entire globe in virtually all fields and academia is a true testament of the real accomplishment of the school. These accomplishments are not to be taken for granted as they have been achieved with hard work and determination, defying the odd every step of the way. Congratulation Spanish Town High School. You have come a long way.

Mrs. Audrey Edwards

Principal (2001-2010)

Clayton Hall

Principal (2010-2014)

Mrs. Joan Neufville

Principal (2015-2016)

Past Vice Principals

We thank you for your contribution to our development.

Mrs. Leanora Esson


Mrs. Felecita McCourtis


School Song

The path you’re journeying seem so long,

Yet you travel on

Your ideals and standards held high 

United proud and strong

With dedication and commitment, 

All mountains you continue to move 

The solid values and your merits 

For years and years will prove.



Oh Spanish Town High, Oh Spanish Town High

Yes, Aim for Excellence, our achievements are limitless

With God as our guide, from strength to strength, we grow

Through love and truth you’ve taught us well

We all revere your stand

With faith in God your head held high, a blessed tradition

We hail our leaders, teachers, workers

Years with love you’ve bourne the strain

We’ll always love and cherish your teachings,

Your standards we will maintain

The essence of your relevance

Is in the lives you’ve touched

Self-love, respect and godliness are riveted in us

To gain the best in our achievements the limit is beyond the sky

Preparing us to build our land

We love Spanish Town High


Your yellow, maroon and the grey

Outstanding as the light of day

Your beauty we’ll always remember

Your name we’ll lift high forever

Written by: Patrice Moore