Book Rental Scheme

Book Rental Scheme

Under the Government’s Book Rental Scheme, all students are given the option of renting textbooks for an academic year rather than purchasing them – a method established to help reduce the cost of education.

Students must return the Rental Books at the times indicated at the end of the school year.  Students are expected to take the relevant textbooks to school daily. These must be taken to class and used in the process of studying.

  1. Books marked with an asterisk (*) on the book list are the ones available for rental. All other texts must be purchased by parents.

  2. Books are to be collected during the registration period on the day and time specified for each grade.

  3. All books must be returned at the end of the school year during the period specified. Late return will attract a fine of one hundred ($100) per book.

  4. If a book has been destroyed or not returned, the full cost of the book must be paid by the assignee before he or she can access any more books in subsequent years. All administrative documents will also be withheld until the payment has been made.

  5. All books are recorded on each child’s personalized card. The number and condition of each book rented is noted on the card. Parents and students are encouraged to record this information in the event that the book becomes stolen or lost and has to be replaced.

  6. Students are advised to take care of their books and not lend them to others.

  7. Late, damaged or destroyed books all attract various fines as determined by the Book Room Administrator. Students will receive a receipt for all fines paid.

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